hello everyone- ken belton here, 1 of the fortune founding members. this opportunity is one in which the average person can make a good income,with very little work and for a small out of pocket cost. also we have our PIF offer available to those who wish to go that route as well. so please take a good look at "su2s" if you have not yet done so. and we have a great admin and leadership team in place to assist you. well im off to telling more people about "su2s". good luck to everyone! thanks in advance,ken belton!

Wow, I can't believe how fast he did it! The guy that sponsored me into Step Up 2 Success just completed his step #1 and earned a whopping $1577. Get this, he is not a guru, you've never heard of him and he does not have a big list. All he did was send out emails telling people about SU2S and pif in a couple people and teach them to do the same. That's right folks, the pif strategy really works!

I am so excited because I am not far behind him and working hard to be next. But it could be you if you get in, upgrade and promote, promote, promote!

This thing converts like crazy. Most of my upgraded members ( even pifs ) are making money already and SU2S is still in beta. What's going to happen when we launch? I can't wait!

Wesley Arnold

Getting paid $10 to referr PIF members is great while they build my downline too. If you cannot recruit buy two and have them do the same...it is the fastest way to cycle for $1,577. I've already collected $305 and ready to grab some more quick cash. Please do yourself a favor and PIF two and teach them to do the same. To get on the PIF list follow directions and you will be successful. Do your part and admin will do the rest and get you the money!

OMG! I figured why not join? You get advertising and can make money for free. I got PIF,d in and proceeded to refer people. It's really easy to refer telling them about a free $25 Business.I've made enough that I paid 14 in myself and won $200 for doing so. I haven't spent anything out of my own pocket yet. This is an Amazing Opportunity & Thank You ;) Angie Severs

The PIF Strategy is working like crazy! I Purchased Two PIF's and after I emailed them both and told them I was going for the TOTAL Payout and how I was going to do it, they both got really excited!
Then I told them to do exactly what I did! Buy TWO PIFS, email them and get them excited!

I don't have to recruit...I can keep this up...This is Going to work!!!

Wesley A. TX


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