About us

Sometimes frustration can be a GOOD thing! Let down by companies that promised the moon and gave us black holes instead, a frustrated and successful marketer was Driven to Design the Ultimate Online program!

Our Founder & CEO

Hank Donig - Founder & CEO of JumpStart4me Hank Donig, creator of JumpStart4Me with an uncanny knack of management skills, had a burning desire to help individuals with the need to succeed but without the basic skills to do so!

The California Bay Area had hundreds of talented musicians struggling to survive in order to create their music. Hank saw the need and with a driving passion, created Windefall Artists Management, a booking and management agency that would eventually produce over 50 top, successful groups that dominated the San Francisco Peninsula and Hawaii for many years.

After many years of success, the growth of Windefall was stifled due to economic changes in the industry and Hank looked for a better jumpstart. After closing the agency, he moved to Beverly Hills with a few of his best groups in tow and built Windefall Recording Studios, an awesome State of the Art venue to help artists on a National level.

The increasing emergence of home studios in a downturn economy, created price wars that made it impossible for any person with integrity to sustain the motivation needed and Hank again looked for a new jumpstart. He found it in the Internet Marketing Industry. Not only could he help many wonderful success driven people but he could also exceed his own dreams of success. After many personal victories, Hank realized that the people who followed him in to the various opportunities lacked the experience or basic knowledge to understand what they needed to do to start, much less succeed, in any home business. Big Riches, with NO Effort, were the promises made to the unsuspecting newbies with the full knowledge they lacked the resources and skills to succeed.

Hank gathered seven of the best marketers and friends and told them of his plan to create something different. A system that would level the playing field for the average individual, who could join without having to spend huge resources, or talk to hundreds of strangers day and night in order to create a sustainable income for their families.

Our Legal Council
To Make Sure We Stay for the Long Term, We Hired the Best Legal Experts in the Country!

Gerald P. Nehra Gerald P. Nehra, of Muskegon, Michigan, is an MLM Specialist Attorney at Law. His 41 years of legal experience include 9 years as Director of the Amway Legal Division. His private law practice was established in 1992, and he now has a Partner, Richard Waak, practicing as Nehra & Waak, Attorneys at Law. The firm is focused on serving the legal needs of direct sales companies operating in the United States, and the firm is on retainer for Jumpstart4Me to protect its legal interests in the area of the firm's specialty. You are invited to visit the firm web site at www.mlmatty.com.